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As we get reviews in from our past couples, we love to share them and post them to our testimonials page and here on the blog. The one featured today came from the wonderful Kevin&Karlee Yount who were married in Chico last summer. It was amazing getting to know these two and the crazy amounts of pure joy they share! Love Kevin's humorous and honest words, read his lovely review below:

"I (Kevin) was skeptical about spending very much on wedding pictures....and then we had to have a wedding video too! Karlee is definitely the picture taker in this duo and I was not excited to work with your typical photographers and take photos that we would never look at. Well, a first step to a successful marriage is admitting when you are wrong and I was flat out wrong. I am thankful Karlee encouraged me to engage TréCreative to be our photographers.

From our first meeting with Stephen and Chelsey I knew this experience was going to be amazing. They took the time to learn our personalities which they would later capture to a T. Our engagement shoot was so much fun and they let us be ourselves and the photos turned out incredible. On our wedding day, TréCreative was hard at work, yet blended in like they were our guests.

Our pictures turned out amazing and captured so many moments we were unaware of during the day. While we enjoyed the photos, we were absolutely blown away by our videos. The tease was so much fun and has provided many laughs and will always be a treasured remembrance of our wedding party. The full videowas such a great representation of our wedding day and we are always excited to share with friends and family.

We now consider Stephen and Chelsey good friends and get excited every time we see a new post on their site. Thank you TréCreative for a priceless experience!"

- Kevin&Karlee Yount

Laugh with these two, like they did throughout their whole engagement and wedding!