Chico Video Production - Every 15 Minutes Film - Orland High School


Catching up on our videography side of things when it comes to the blog posts! We shot this video project back in April for a high school in Orland, CA. If you're from California, then you've probably heard of the Every 15 Minutes program! It's put on in local high schools every so often to demonstrate the consequences of drunk driving. The high schools go all out, staging an accident where student actors play the roles of the students involved.

The tricky part with these EFM films is that the crash scene generally happens a day before the film has to premiere! This means an all-nighter usually for the editor! Stephen was up until 6am or so putting this whole story together and it turned out even better than we could have imagined! The reaction from the crowd and on social media has been very impressive. On Facebook, the film went "viral" and currently has 230,000+ views and almost 5500 shares, CRAZY! 

To think that this piece, which was meant to only impact one high school has reached so much further, impacting so many people who have taken the time to view it, it's amazing! We're thankful to have been included on this project and hope it continues to impact the community and beyond through it's moving message.