Chico Wedding Photographer - Jordan&Whitney


Jordan&Whitney are just the sweetest couple! And while it rained on their wedding day, they didn't let that little detail get them down! We love this about them, they were just overjoyed to become husband and wife, nothing else mattered.

Since Jordan&Whitney started dating, they challenged themselves to come up with different date ideas each time they went out. This may sound like an exhausting task or hard thing to do, but Jordan&Whitney have made this easy. These dates have consisted of driving to a new location, trying out a new recipe or restaurant or adventuring around a new location in Chico. It doesn't always have to be super fancy or elaborate. The importance is that they would continue to carve out special time for each other. This is a tradition we hope these two will continue on into marriage! With any new adventure, there is some uncertainty and a "go with the flow" mentality you have to embrace. This easy going nature is exactly how Jordan&Whitney were on their wedding day!

Jordan&Whitney got married on a wonderful winter day at Neighborhood Church here in Chico. This just so happened to be one of the several weekends in November that it rained. Their "Plan B" turned out to be their only option. But these two are always ready for new adventures and knowing that plans might change. So on their wedding day, it was no different! No bride wants to see the forecast predicting 100% chance of rain, but Whitney embraced it and didn't allow the weather to ruin or change her spirits! As you can imagine, the rain made Stephen and I think outside the box and be extra creative when in came to portraits. We found the best lighting indoors and photographed almost all of their photos where this good lighting was (thank God for sky lights!). It was really windy and cold outside, plus the rain didn't stop all day so these two opted to only take a few really quick photos outside before we ran back under cover!

These two did an amazing job transforming their reception location into a romantic candlelight-filled space for guests to enjoy! Plus, a funny dinosaur decided to make a guest appearance at their wedding, see the photos below :D

Jordan&Whitney, you two are inspiring. We pray your wedding day and the memories shared with your friends and family would bring so much joy over the years. That when hard times come or that you have a little disagreement, that these photos would remind you of why you chose each other in the first place!

Enjoy some of our favorites from their wedding day below!