Butte Meadows Christmas Tree Hunting 2016 - Memorable Monday


This past weekend we set out on a Christmas Tree adventure with friends up in Butte Meadows for the third year in a row!

Since we’ll be leaving for Panama in less than two weeks, Stephen insisted our tree be TINY. If it were up to me, our tree would be MASSIVE. We compromised and both agreed as long as the tree was the same height as me, we could get it :D For many Chico natives, going up to cut down their own tree is a tradition! Butte Meadows is a tiny town about 30 minutes away in the mountains. In the winter time, there’s usually snow and many flock to the area to cut down the perfect tree!

This year we celebrated our friend Nate's birthday while we were up there. I somehow managed to think wearing my purple yoga pants was a good idea and Stephen happened to end up wearing a similar pant color! How does this happen? We love spending time with these sweet friends of ours and creating memories along the way!

Happy Monday friends, tonight we'll be decorating our Christmas tree and hopefully start playing some Christmas music!


Of course Stephen brought his Kendama haha!