Christmas Tree Adventures // Butte Meadows 2017


Christmas at the TréCrib doesn't seem complete until we head about 45 minutes up Highway 32 to our favorite woodsy Christmas Tree area near Butte Meadows. This will be our fourth year in a row driving up with friends for this grand adventure! Our Christmas Tree Adventures in Butte Meadows always consists of getting all bundled up, packing into four-wheel drive cars and heading deep into the woods to find the perfect Christmas Trees for our homes. This year was yet another huge success!!

This was the first time our new car has ever been in the snow and it handled like a champ! I also brought my camera along and take photos of the fun adventures. Our friends Ben and Abby are super outdoorsy and could maneuver through Butte Meadows in their sleep. This year they took us to a super secret spot and we were the only ones for what felt like miles. We followed them up a very narrow old road until it dead-ended. Beautiful, perfect Christmas Trees were lining the road and we had so many options to choose from. Of course, the first tree I wanted to cut down was twice the allowed size...but after searching a little more we found another perfect gem that was within the allowed parameters. Stephen has a rule that every year that he has to be able to snatch our tree up (inspired by NorthRim CrossFit). If you saw on his Insta Story, you know what we're talking about. Both our friends have the most adorable pups so they tagged along for the grand adventure too. After our adventure to the woods, we ended with burgers at the Bear for Nate's birthday with the group, yum!

Tonight, we'll be decorating our Tree and finish putting up our decorations. Enjoy some of our photos from our annual Christmas Tree cutting adventures! Happy Monday friends.