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Capturing the details that surround a wedding day are some of our favorite aspects to photograph! Each bride has put so much thought, time and money into those details and we want to be make sure to preserve memories of them for a lifetime. When we show up on a wedding day, during the getting ready process. I'll spend up to an hour capturing these details while Stephen is photographing the people and activities going on elsewhere. One detail that often times gets forgotten about during these detail shots are the lovely invitations.

We totally realize it may be the last thing on a bride's list to remember to bring with her, but when they do we love incorporating the invites and stationary into our detail shots. The invitations, Save the Dates, and anything else sent out in the mail prior to the wedding are often eventually thrown away when they should really be remembered. Those are the details guests first received, that began to set the tone for the day, that first sparked the thought about your wedding day in guests minds. Having the stationary and maybe some loose flowers allows us to be even more creative when rearranging your jewelry, shoes and other wedding day details. Below are some photos from several recent weddings where we were able to capture the beautiful investment of invitation. 

If you really want your Save the Date's captured but think you may forget them on the wedding day, feel free to send them to your photographer in the mail ahead of time. I know for Stephan and I, we love getting these exciting invitations in the mail. We need more magnets because our fridge is full of these wedding invites! We love how it keeps our couples on our minds as we count down the days with them until their weddings!



Almost all of the above invitations and stationary were created by the lovely Carey of The Idea Emporium! You may recognize Carey as the rapping bridesmaid from our latest wedding film, but that isn't her only impressive talent! She is amazingly talented at crafting some of the best wedding invites we've ever seen. We know where we're going next time we have a need for some cute and artsy paper goods or decorations :D

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