Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner- TréCreative Tips&Tricks

What many of you might not know is I too was a bride not too long ago! When it comes to planning a wedding, I'll admit I tried doing most things on my own! I wanted to be the one making all the decisions, the decorations, and running all the errands. It was really hard for me to let others serve me because I didn't want to burden them with extra tasks I needed done. Looking back I realize that this was definitely a mistake, especially when juggling planning a wedding, finishing school, and two jobs!

For some brides it is easy and natural to ask for help and advice, yet for others it feels awkward and uncomfortable to ask for a helping hand. I tend to be more of the latter group, and it worked well up until a few weeks before the wedding when the big "to do" list was still looming over my head. I learned very quickly I couldn't do everything on my own and that I needed to ask for help!

If you're stressing about how the wedding day will come together, sit down and make a list of the tasks you still need completed and then "outsource" as many as possible and HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! We can’t stress the importance of not only hiring a day of coordinator to help with last minute details of a planner can help you plan everything from start to finish. We promise you won’t regret making this decision!

The week of your wedding should be enjoyed, every minute of it. You're being reunited with family and friends, coming into town from all over and it's time to soak it all in! Learn from my mistakes and do not be afraid to hire a wedding planner! You're getting married after all, it's going to be AMAZING! Friends, family and others will go great distances to help you have a happy day, all you have to do is ask!