Hawaii Trip Recap - TréCreative Travels

If your considering traveling to Hawaii for your honeymoon or for a short getaway visit, stop reading and book your tickets NOW! It will be totally worth it. We now know why so many of our friends rave about these beautiful islands. We stayed on Kauai the whole time and the atmosphere was so peaceful and carefree. The reason we traveled there was for a destination wedding and engagement session which we can't wait to share with you! On the days we weren't shooting, we made sure to do some of our own traveling and relaxing as well!

Some of the things we did are listed below thanks to friends and local's lovely recommendations:

  • Visiting Waimea Canyon is a must see, mind blowing! (See Stephen's "Dronie" he did on Instagram)
  • Eat at much delicious sushi at you can, we recommend the Dolphin or Makai Sushi which is located on Poipu Road inside a little market store which also hosts the most delicious Acai Bowls and smoothies.
  • Drive to Tunnels beach and spend the day snorkeling.
  • Take the Napali Experience boat tour. This is the only boat small enough to go through the caves on the Napali coast, yet large enough to be comfy! Make sure to bring a camera!!!
  • Drive to the end of the road to the Napali Coast and take a crazy hike.
  • Watch the sunset every night!
  • Have dinner at Beach House Restaurant at least once, a little spendy but OH so delicious.
  • Go to the local farmers markets, there's one every single day of the week on the island.
  • Go to the humane society and take a local dog for a "Field Trip", it's free and super fun!

Get caught in a rain storm, RUN to the car!

Waimea Canyon!!

Stephen pulled out the drone and all these older people around were fascinated. Loved the gentlemans expression on the right, kids these days and their technology!!

Chickens roamed free everywhere over the island.

Try the Shave Ice for sure!!

Tones of dolphins swam right next to our boat on the Na Pali Experience, amazing!

And lastly, a couple shots from our trusty iPhones/Instagram, because the best camera is the one you have on you at all times :)

We've found ourselves updating our Insta's more than ever these days. If you don't follow us already on there, you can find us @steezdiaz and @chels_diaz :)