Honey Run Covered Bridge Engagement Photographer - Taylor&Kelsey

I've known Kelsey since 3rd grade. We were in Sunday school together at church and even went to the same elementary school. We went to different high schools but every now and then we would catch each other in passing. It wasn't until last year that we crossed paths again and found out we were went to the same gym in Chico. Soon after, she was engaged and then Stephen and I were introduced to Taylor!

Together they are a perfect pair! Kelsey has always been so sweet and kind and Taylor is just as kind and loves Kelsey so well. 

Their engagement session took place among the calm creek and gorgeous fall colors! We were the only ones at Honey Run Covered Bridge this day and it was so peaceful!

So excited to be photographing these two and their wonderful wedding next year. Until then, enjoy some of our favorites from their engagement session below :D