Memorable Monday - Where has time gone?


Can you believe how fast summer is flying by?

For those still in college or in grade school, summer is officially over here in Chico. School started last week which means Chico's quiet summers filled with lots of parking downtown and seeing lots of familiar faces at Farmer's Market has come to a close. Chico State brings in so many students from out of town which is such a good thing! Locals always say, it's a whole different feel when school is in session and I agree! It's crazy to think it's been 3 years since the summer I graduated from Chico State and jumped full time into TréCreative with Stephen, wow time has flown!

Our Week

  • We visited with Stephen's grandpa last week! We're both fortunate to have some of our grandparents still around and living close by. We love his Grandpa's stories of his missionary days in Panama and all about his radio show he had while there!
  • We've been doing lots of Skype meetings lately with our out of town September and October TréCreative couples. We always like to meet up with our couples one last time before their wedding day. One, to just hang out more them and two, to finalize their wedding photo/video timeline together!
  • I started going again to the chiropractor over a year ago. I'm still trying to make Stephen a believer, but my posture and back have never felt so good. I noticed at our last wedding I didn't have ANY back pain at the end of the night like I always used to get from carrying around equipment all day. I also feel so much healthier and more well-balanced throughout the week! Maybe someday Stephen will become a believer, who knows? Anyone else love going to the chiropractor?
  • We had an engagement session just outside of Chico last week with not one but three fur babies and their parents!
  • Speaking of fur babies, we have been puppy sitting our favorite little office assistant for a few days last week and a few days this week while his parents are working on campus. You've probably seen me posting a lot of Trooper on my Instagram stories. He seriously brightens our day and it so fun to have a little animal around following your every footstep! In honor of puppy sitting, we're sharing recent engagement session sneak peeks with some of our TréCreative couple's dogs, aren't they all so cute?!?