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Memorable Monday - November Edition

It feels like we blinked and we’re already in November, where did October go?!?

The leaves are just now starting to change color here in Northern California except the weather is still in the 80’s come mid afternoon! That’s California weather for you, although this is not typical for Chico! We’re looking forward to cooler weather in the next few weeks, traveling to Paris at the end of our wedding season, and spending time with family during the holidays. There has been a lot happening in our home since our last Monthly Memorable Monday and we want to keep you up to date. We’re sharing what’s to come for us as well as what we celebrated in October!

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Monthly Memorable Monday - October 2018

Happy October! I can’t believe September has now come and gone. It feels like we’ve blinked and the month is completely over. Pumpkin everything is in the air and I’m looking forward to all the beautiful leaves starting to change here in Northern California where we live. In years past, October has stayed relatively warm up until Halloween. As I’m sitting here writing this, we just had our first small rain storm which I’m SO happy about! Both Stephen and I prefer colder weather where we can bundle up and not be sweating all the time. This is especially true on wedding days.

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Monthly Memorable Monday - September

For those of you who have been around the blog a long time, you probably remember our series called Memorable Monday. That series was started from a place to connect with you and share both our personal and professional accomplishments throughout the week. WE loved sharing our week with you. It included a lot of highs and lows, big business ventures, new dreams and lessoned learned from running a full time business together as husband and wife. 

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Memorable Monday - A Birthday Week!

Happy Monday friends! Another week has come and gone and we have much to celebrate. It's Stephens' birthday week! If you happen to see him around or catch yourself watching an Instagram story, I encourage you to reach out! His top Love Language is word's of affirmation so sending him a positive message would really mean something!

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Memorable Monday – New Orleans Adventure

Happy Monday friends! What an exciting weekend for us! If you’ve been following along in our journey through creating more passive income, you know Friday night was a big night for us!

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Memorable Monday – Happy February

Where did January go?!? It was as if we blinked and the whole month was over and now we’re into February. We’re all about celebrating the small accomplishments and also the big ones. January was a big month for Stephen and me not only for #trecreative but also in our personal lives. We celebrated ten years of dating, TEN years. I can’t believe I’m saying that! That makes me feel old, nostalgic and very grateful all at the same time.

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