Memorable Monday - Buenos Días from Mexico!


It not often that we get to have our office in a luxurious hotel lobby but for this week that is where we're blogging from. If you follow either Stephen or I on Instagram, you've seen we've been in Mexico for almost a full week now for a destination wedding in Barra de Navidad. This location is AMAZING and definitely not what you think of when you hear "Mexico resort". This location is a hidden gem off the beaten path and seriously breathtaking! We'll be talking about this resort later in the week and why we think this place would make a great honeymoon getaway...stay tuned! This week's Memorable Mondaywill be short and sweet because most of our time has been spent lounging by pool and eating lots of chips and salsa!


  • Before we left for the destination wedding, we had lots of personal and Skype meetings with potential couples and clients! We say this a lot, but we are seriously so thankful for every couple who inquiries about our services and is interested in TréCreative enough to meet with us. We love our couples so much and are thankful for every one of them!
  • Like any smart traveler, we packed the night before we were supposed to leave for Mexico ;) Just kidding, that wasn't the smartest decision for us as we had to leave at 2am to get to the airport and packing took way longer than expected. We almost made it to Mexico without forgetting anything. Stephen left his sunglasses in the car, but thankfully we were able to visit the next town over to get a cheap pair to last the week.
  • On Thursday we shot the destination wedding at the resort called Grand Isla de Navidad Resort. The ceremony took place on a little peninsula next to the water and the reception was right near by! See a little tease from the wedding below, it was gorgeous!
  • It was such an honor to be invited to spend the day with Justin&Courtney along with 50 of their closest friends and family! We love weddings because of the people we get to meet and the stories we get to tell! Marriage is a huge adventure full of ups and downs. Our desire is that five or fifty years from now when on the good days and especially on the bad days, that our TréCreative couples would remember the moments on their wedding as pure joy. And that these photos and video would remind them of the vows and commitment they made years ago!
  • barra-de-navidad-mexico-destination-wedding-photographer-1.jpg
    VideographyChelsey Diaz