YouTube Filmmaker Project - Drone Solar System Model!


A couple weeks back we had the privilege of working the past Nasa employee, the ultra creative, a genius creative YouTuber, Mark Rober! I know, quite the introduction! Mark deserves it though!  

We've been a fan of his work for quite some time now and we just so happened to connect over Instagram and realized we're not too far from one another! We drove down to help him shoot his monthly viral video. Mark does awesome work. If you check out his channel, you'll guaranteed be sucked in with his out of the box videos. With a mathematical and scientific background, Mark loves to take ordinary every day things and make them better, to test theories and explain huge out of this world concepts to the "average Joe" like us (did you catch Chelsey's cameo in the film below?).


This film is no exception. If you haven't heard, a ninth planet has been discovered (and it's not Pluto). Mark wanted to show off truly how far this planet is away from the sun. Hint, it's really, really far. But not only that, he wanted to do it to scale using everyday household objects...and a DRONE! This has never been done before well and when Mark came to us with the idea we were so excited to be involved! We helped him shoot the film and he handed all the awesome editing to bring the story together. We're so excited to share with you this project. Mark, you've done it again!

VideographyChelsey Diaz