Butte Meadows Camping Adventure 2017


For the last two years, we seem to find ourselves going on some kind of adventure with friends up to Butte Meadows.

Butte Meadows is located about 45 minutes from where we live in Chico and the perfect escape into the mountains. It's also one of our favorite areas for engagement sessions. There are amazing hiking and off-roading trails with spectacular views of Mount Shasta and miles of miles of tall pine trees reaching for the sky.

We had been planning to go camping with a group of our friends from our church's small group and wanted to head up for the whole weekend and camp. After a few changes in plans and a lot of campsites being closed, we decided just to enjoy a day trip together. This adventure coincided with the same week that we were traveling almost every day for out of town engagement sessions in the Bay Area so it was a nice relaxing adventure at the end of a busy week! After "extroverting" all week, Stephen decided to stay home and have some much needed introvert time. He opted for an editing marathon and finalized three wedding films which I'm sure you've seen on the blog or Facebook lately! I, on the other hand, love my extrovert time and was looking forward to a day with friends!

These are some of our closest friends and I couldn't pass up going even if Stephen wasn't going to join us. The day was absolutely perfect. There was no cell service or internet so I enjoyed a much-needed break from social media while being in the good company of friends. I used to think I was a huge "beach girl" and while I still love the beach, the mountains take my breath away every time I'm in them! Enjoy a few favorites from my time with our friends and their adorable fur babies Beasley and Remy.