Memorable Monday - Minnesota Adventure


Happy Monday! This month has really flown by and it seems a little crazy to us that October is almost over.

We've heard it said that October is to Photographers what April is to Accountants. This is totally true, Fall time is always so busy for us. That's when we schedule most of our following year's engagement photo sessions, book commercials for the Winter and have most of our meetings for next year's potential weddings. There always seems to be a lot of traveling to be had these Fall months as well. We're grateful for the busyness but excited to "slow down" during the holidays. For those that run their own business, you know there really isn't a "slow season". Just a less busy season where our focus shifts from weddings every weekend. For us, we always like to use that time to dream and evaluate the systems and workflows we have in place.

This week we were all over the place, both mentally and physically!

Our Week

  • Like mentioned earlier, Fall is a very popular time to schedule engagement photo sessions. The leaves in California are just now starting to change colors and the park near our home is the perfect location for many of our photo sessions. We had two wonderful sessions last week and can't wait to show you how they turned out!
  • When we're really busy, I often struggle with good time management. I'm a list maker and when it comes to writing everything down, I tend to underestimate how long a certain task will take me. I put too much on my list and then at the end of the day when I haven't been able to accomplish everything, I get discouraged. This has been happening a lot lately and through a discussion with Stephen and some good friends, I quickly realized how important it is for this to change. So at the end of last week, I didn't as many goals and ended up accomplishing more than I thought.
  • Stephen left town on Thursday to promote one of his side businesses at the Minnesota Kendama Open, the largest Kendama competition in North America. A few of his team's sponsored players were competing and he wanted to be there to support them and do some vending of new products to the community.
  • Whenever we have a weekend off, we always joke and say "so this is what normal people feel like on Saturdays". We get so used to working every Saturday that when we have that day off, it's extra special! This weekend while Stephen was away I had fun relaxing with friends and family, it was great!

Cheers to Monday and being in the same state again together!