Detroit Mountain Wedding Film - Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - Caleb&Brittney


Caleb&Brittney's Detriot Mountain Wedding Film is finally here!  

There is a beautiful thing about love. It’s a commitment, a scary one at times. But if you go for it... If you take that leap into the unknown, there’s someone there to catch you. Caleb&Brittney know this tale so well. Much like the venue they chose for their wedding, Detroit Mountain, their relationship was like climbing a mountain. There were easy passes and some difficult ones, but as long as they keep climbing, clinching tight to one another’s hands, the goal was in sight. Almost every relationship is like this, it’s a steady climb until there’s no where left to go. You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, terrified. With your toes hanging off into the abyss, you aren’t sure where to go from here. But there's this feeling, this feeling there’s something more if you just trust. If you just hold one another's hands and step into the unknown.

The story of Caleb&Brittany is a story of triumph. Persevering and trusting God in the midst of doubt, in the midst of confusion and second guessing. These two were standing at that edge together, the point of no return that every relationship eventually seems to arrive at. And they chose love. They chose to one another. They chose to reach out towards one another and hold on with all they had within themselves.

And we’re so glad they did. These two are a power couple. A creative force that can see and bring out beauty in anything they touch together. And although a lifelong commitment of love can be scary at times, we know something for sure. These two are truly better together! Click below to see for yourself!

Okay, don't you just love these two?!? We were beyond honored to travel from California to Minnesota to capture their love story through photography and videography! The joy these two share with one another and the love their families demonstrate is incredible. Caleb&Brittney are husband and wife wedding photographers just like us, and we just love that! If you're ever in the Midwest, definitely check out their work!