Murray Kentucky Wedding Photographer - Austin&Amy

Austin&Amy's Murray Kentucky Wedding is on the blog today and we're so excited to share it with you!

Austin&Amy met in Murray Kentucky. Amy moved from California to work for Murray State in the athletics department, and shortly after, these two met. Every year Murray State has a big basketball tournament a few hours away in Nashville, Tennessee. The whole town of Murray are huge supporters of their well known basketball team and travel often to support the players. After the big basketball game had ended, these two went out with friends and it is there where history was made.

Murray is Austin's home town and he grew up around lots of open land, dogs roaming free and of course good old southern sweet tea! Amy is California raised and so many close family and friends made the trek out to Kentucky for the wedding! We were among those friends who were invited to join them for this wonderful celebration. We cannot express how honored we are that these two flew us out for their Kentucky wedding!

These two are rockstars for embracing the crazy weather that happened on their wedding day. All morning and for most of their wedding portraits it POURED rain, like lots and lots of rain that wouldn't let up! For that reason we opted to do their first look indoors (in their super cute house) and then headed to nearby to a family friend's barn for portraits. Thankfully just as bridal party photos were finishing up the rain cleared and we were able to get some sunset photos with only damp ground later on.

Austin&Amy, we are so grateful for you, thank you for embracing the weather, showing us around your new home and making us feel like family. We are so excited for the next chapter in your lives as a married couple!