California Based Short Documentary Filmmakers - Nicaragua Stories


Remember that time we went to Nicaragua?!? Seems almost unreal to look back on it. Talk about a dream project! One Hope in partnership with Illuminate Ideas sent us across the world to capture these two short documentary stories of two individuals who are changing the world, one person at a time! Chelsey and I block off time in our calendar each winter in faith that God will fill that time with projects like these. We want to give back through our photography and videography. Not only through weddings, but through any means necessary! This trip was a little last minute, but it was so worth it to see how God came through and filled up that time!

We've had these short documentary style films completed for awhile now but haven't debuted them on the blog just yet! Now's the time, check out what we did for 10 days in Nicaragua in early February of this year below. If you only have time for's hard to say, but we'd say watch the second one! Jorge has some awesome innovative ideas about how people in his community can break the cycle of poverty, using their resources to shift the atmosphere for the better! Just promise us you'll come back and watch the other one later on!