Northern California Portrait Photographer - Bryan Family


Our favorite little family is on the blog once again this time for this Fall portrait photography session. The Bryan family is very near and dear to our hearts. They were one of the first TréCreative couples EVER and since have been some of the biggest supporters we have. Plus little Calvin has the most adorable baby blues we've ever seen :D

Brittany and I were roommates in college. Cody's dad and my dad were actually roommates as well when they were in their twenties so to now be such good friends with them, it has totally come full circle! I still remember the day Cody and Brittany came over to tell us they were pregnant and since then it has been such a joy to watch them love on sweet Calvin so well.  We appreciate their honesty about the joys and struggles of being parents. I'm sure it doesn't always feel this way, but they truly have embraced parenthood so well and I hope Stephen and I can someday be a model for so many like they are. This time last year, Brittany had just gone into labor and soon after we met baby Calvin.

So to Cody and Brittany, thank you for being such good friends of ours. For always putting a smile on our faces when we see you two and Trooper :D To little Calvin, happy birthday bud, you are one lucky guy!