Destination California Wedding Photographer - Panama Trip!

We are finally back in Chico now from our two week vacation to Panama and then on to Florida for our first wedding of the 2014 season! With November and December being so packed with engagement sessions, business promotions, family portrait sessions and of course weddings there was very little time to pack and prepare for our trip! We felt like our adrenaline had been going for so long that when we finally sat in the plane and it felt like a weight had been lifted and we could finally enjoy this trip that had been planned for over a year. 

Stephen's sister Laura is a teacher in Panama city and his mom grew up there as a missionary kid. Needless to say, we had the best tour guides of all time! Panama city has tons of towering sky scrapers overlooking the ocean and the beautiful rain forests surrounding them. We spent some of our time exploring the French aritecture of the city and went to several Zoo's with lots of crazy animals to look at. For Christmas, we spent it on the beach a few hours away from the hustlin' and bustlin' of the city. One of our favorite parts of the trip was staying on a remote island for a couple days. You could literally walk around the whole island in less than five minutes. We had no option but to sit, be still, and read books. No internet, no forms of technology in anyway. We needed to get away and from distraction, relax and get inspired for a new year full of creativity!

You might have been following of adventures on Instagram, but from Panama we headed to Florida for our first wedding of the 2014 season. We are so blessed that our wedding photography and videography business takes us all over the United States and beyond! No destination is too far for us to go, we love to travel! Jonathan&Erin, our lovely couple from Florida found us on Vimeo of all places :)

Thank you friends for all your wonderful referrals! Keep an eye out for a teaser from our Florida wedding coming soon :D


destination-california-photographer-travels to-panama-for-a-photo-session.jpg

Oh and one more thing! For the year of 2014 we'll be blogging not only about our wonderful couples and adventures but about the technical photography side of things as well! As some of you may know Stephen runs one of the top filmmaking blogs on Tumblr where he and some others contributers post about all things filmmaking. There we get tons of questions about photo and video and we're going to start integrating some of the technical aspects of what we do in our posts.

For Photographers:

We wanted to travel light for this trip so all the pictures  below were taken on a Canon 5D Mark III, 35mm L 1.4, or 50mm L 1.2. We shoot with primarily "prime" lenses, so that means they're a fixed focal length, no zooming. Reason is, they're sharper image quality, and "faster" which means they're better in low light situations and for shallow depth of field. As always, feel free to email us any photo or video questions you might have, we're here to help! :D