Being Photographers and Videographers in Chico, CA - A Year in Review

Wow! It has been such a whirlwind of a year for TréCreative and we have so many amazing people to thank for it! We are thankful for all the couples we have been privileged to meet, the stories we've heard, and the friendships we made! Our world is made better by all of you! 2013 has been such a year of growth being photographers in Chico. We are so thankful for everyone's wonderful referrals and encouragement given through out this year. Our full time photography and videography business would not exist without all of you and we are forever grateful!!

While we've been busy with business promotional films, commercials and engagements; weddings are the main focus of our TréCreative artistry. In honor of all the beautiful couples we've been blessed to capture, here's a recap from our photography and videography weddings of 2013.

Because there were SO many favorite photos we could have chosen from, this blog post could have gone on FOREVER, but we'll do our best to keep it succinct. We are looking forward to this next year and getting to work with even more inspiring couples, families, and businesses. We are beyond excited to get to know you and tell your story!!



Kevin&Katie - White Ranch - Chico, CA


Kevin&Karlee - Private Residence - Chico, CA


Seth&Dana - Card Center - Chico, CA


Ricardo&Tessa - Private Residence - Orland, CA

Cody&Brittany - Creek Haven Vineyard Estate - Chico, CA


Tom&Rachel - St. John's/Butte Creek Country Club - Chico, CA


Matt&Alice - Woodbridge Golf & Country Club - Lodi, CA

Joel&Rachel - Private Residence - Chico, CA

Tim&Courtney - Pleasant Valley Baptist - Chico, CA

Dagan&Cathleen - Edgewood Tahoe - South Lake Tahoe


David&Mia - Shinn Historic Park & Arboretum - Fremont, CA


Craig&Julia - Palm Event Center - Livermore, CA


Tom&Katy - Empire Mine State Historic Park - Grass Valley, CA


Jason&Corina - Patrick Ranch - Chico, CA

Taylor&Ashley - Wilson Vineyard - Clarksburg, CA


Keaton&Ashton - Gale Vineyards - Chico, CA


Andrew&Shelley - Private Residence - Tahoe

(shot by The TreCollective)


(shot by The TreCollective)


Nate&Ashley - Merlo Park - Stirling City, CA

Brody&Courtney - Gale Vineyards - Chico, CA

Max&HIllary - St. Johns/The Palms - Chico, CA

Garrett&Leanne - Private Residence - Chico, CA

(shot by The TreCollective)

Luke&Jaime - First Christian/The Swedish American Hall - San Francisco, CA

Louis&Debby - Evangelical Free Church - Hamilton City, CA

(shot by The TreCollective)

Matt&Ali - Canyon View - San Ramon, CA

Thank you all for viewing! Here's to another year of TréCreative storytelling!