Patrick Ranch Chico Wedding Videographer // Steven&Andie


It was a beautiful June morning and Steven&Andie were across town from one another getting ready. Steven, at his parent's place, lounging by the pool and in the "man cave". Andie, at her parent's house, surrounded by bridesmaids and family. The morning time was peaceful, but with an eager anticipation for what was to come.

This wedding has a huge soft spot in our hearts. Steven&Andie are high school sweethearts just like us, and got married at the same wedding venue as us as well, Patrick Ranch Museum. Their relationship is one that is loving and enduring. They have loved each other through very different seasons of life, through change and transitions. In a way, they've grown up together. Through high school and into college, instead of that love growing distant, it made they grow closer. They have endured long distance together and still stood by each other's side. Andie went away to college while Steven stayed back at Chico State encouraging Andie to not let him hold her back from experiencing new places. They have learned to love through different seasons and distance. Many of their bridal party members have been the same friends who have watched their relationship grow over the years despite the obstacles. They have also been those friends who have rooted and cheered for them along the way!

Their wedding was a true testament of the kind of solid friendships and loving family that Steven and Andie have surrounded themselves with. This community is strong and unwavering and we think a community like this is key to life-long growth.

We're so excited to share with you Steven&Andie's wedding film today, we have a feeling you're going to LOVE it (because we do too)!