South Lake Tahoe Wedding Videography @ Edgewood - Dagan&Cathleen Massey - 8.3.13

Dagan&Cathleen were married at one of the most beautiful venues we've had the pleasure to be videographers at, Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe. With the lake shimmering in the background, these two expressed their love for one another in front of friends and family from all over the United States. Dagan and Cat were such a fun couple to be around, with a deep love for one another that shined through their expressions throughout the day. While Dagan was raised in Southern California, Cat grew up in Northern California, traveling with family and spending almost every weekend on Lake Tahoe. The lake and the South Lake Tahoe area held a special place in her heart and she always imagined getting married there, and riding off on a jet ski in a white bikini. August 3rd was a dream came true for these two...well all except the jet ski bikini part :D Nevertheless, this day was nothing short of epic, a beautiful venue, two lovely people, surrounded by the ones they love. We're so glad we were able to use our videography to capture this day in a way that will live on for years to come :) -Stephen&Chelsey