Tahoe Snowy Winter Engagement Photographer - Sam&Carlie

These two have been friends of ours since high school, yes I did say high school! They started dating shortly after Stephen and I did and since then we have gone on LOTS of double dates. Sam&Carlie were both in our wedding and we have loved getting to know them over the years. Their beloved pup Lars is one of our favorite dogs in the whole wide world! For a while, we had a tradition of every time we hung out, I (Chelsey) would pick up Lars to see how much he had grown. Let's just say, I no longer do that. He has grown up so much :D

Sam&Carlie will be getting married later this summer and will have an explosion of fireworks after their ceremony (you can guess which holiday they are getting married on) and we know it will be such a wonderful celebration!

FUN fact about this shoot. Exactly four years before this shoot, down to the month even, Sam&Carlie graciously agreed to be our models as we so awkwardly "tried" to pose and take photos of them. It was before TréCreative even existed! We are so thankful these two allowed us to step out of a limb and attempt to photograph them way back when. It's crazy to look back at our photos from that time and see how much we've learned and grown our business in the last four years! Not only that, we're so grateful for the friendship with these two that has continued to grow over the years!

Cheers to Sam&Carlie and the best well mannered and classy pup we could ever know :D