TréCreative Tips&Tricks

Our TréCreative Tips&Tricks series has been a bit quiet. With the holidays our main focus was blogging and getting back all our couple's photos before Christmas. We initually wanted to have a tip or trick posted once a week but as we sat down last week and re-evaluated our blogging schedule, we realized right now being more consistant is important to us and so we have decided to post these twice a month instead ( keep us accountable to that :D). Our vision for TréCreative Tips&Tricks is to be resource to other photographers and videographers in the industry as well as helpful planning advice for our TréCreative wedding couples. We have several posts lined up but if you ever have a technical questions we would love to answer on the blog as best as possible. Feel free to send your questions to this email at :D

Well onto our tip of the week. We are often asked my many hobbyists or photographers just getting started what is our favorite lens or the lens we would recommend buying first after you have mastered your kit lens.

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