TréCreative Dads – Happy Fathers Day!

Although Sunday has passed, I (Chelsey) thought it would be great to give you all a glimpse into our lives and to honor the amazing fathers Stephen and I have! We grew up very differently, but because of that difference, I believe we have been able to take the strengths from each and grow from them. Stephen grew up in the Midwest, Wheaton, Illinois to be exact. He spent winters in cold snowy weather playing in the snow with his dad, in summers wrestling in community pools, and don't forget the annual family road trips to sunny Destin, Florida. I grew up in Chico and my outdoor outings with dad included, riding bikes through Bidwell Park, playing with my two brothers at Caper Acres, and going on lots of camping trips up to Lake Almanor. 

My dad is very quiet and reserved but don't let that fool you because he has some hilarious jokes! I have always admired his amazing work ethic and patience. He always displayed these while teaching me and my two brothers how to do new things. My dad is extremely creative and has great vision for any do-it-yourself home project. He actually built the home I grew up in which was always his dream! My dad is a servant that is quick to help anyone in need, like how he came over every day after work lately to fix the sprinkler system on our new house that we didn't even know was broken! My dad is full of integrity, he cares about doing the right thing even when no one is watching. He has been my sounding board when I needed to make tough decisions and has helped me weigh the pros and cons of those decisions. My dad loves well and has been a great leader to our family!

Stephen's dad is extremely outgoing and friendly. You can always catch him around town talking to some person he knows (or doesn't know) with a huge smile on his face. In fact, he probably knows our new neighbors better than we do! He makes people feel heard and is a great listener. He can take any negative situation and throw a positive spin on it. As Stephen put it on his Instagram post, "he adds fun to any situation" ...even if it's moving! He cares so much and also loves all people well. He always welcomes Stephen and I and is quick to compliment. He sees people for who they are, even if people don't believe the truth for themselves. He is a diligent prayer warrior and a compassionate soul.

We love our families deeply and today we honor our amazing dads!

In the comments below, we would love to hear YOUR favorite attribute about your dad!