Husband and Wife Photography Team - TréCreative


There is no doubt in our minds that we absolutely love working together. It is not uncommon for us to be asked at a wedding from a guests or engaged couple, "Do you guys like working together?" The answer is YES. Double YES!  As we've grown our business and the more we chat with couples, the more we realize how rare this situation can sometimes be. Not that couples can't agree or work together, it's just being business partners with your spouse can be a bit of a challenge but it can also be a big blessing!

One of the biggest benefits we love about being a husband and wife team is that together, we can best serve our couples. Stephen has his own set of strengths that are different than mine, and I have a another set of strengths that are different from his. Here is a great example that we like to use in describing this scenario. You know when you've been together with someone for a long time and you can just tell by the expression on their face or body language what that other person is thinking of feeling? That is what it is like for us on a wedding day. I can look over at Stephen and know exactly what angle he is getting, and what shot I need to get. Or he can look at me and just with one glance let me know if I'm in his shot or need to capture a different moment happening elsewhere. It's like we're reading each other minds...kinda :D Our couples love the consistency and communication that comes from always having the same two shooters.

Together we are a better team, and for this reason we would never shoot two separate weddings apart from each other. Stephen can hang out with the guys in the morning and get to know all the groomsmen while I can hang out with the girls and connect with the bridesmaids, it just works!

Another awesome part about working together is that we get to travel together. In this season of our lives we travel A LOT and we LOVE IT! I can't imagine spending a week or even a weekends away from each other if it was only one of us traveling.

Don't get me wrong, we're far from perfect people, far from having the perfect relationship or business. We are always growing and working through issues just like an relationship, marriage or conflict between business partners. We always strive to create an incredible experience not only for our couples but their family and anyone in attendance. Because let's be honest, no one likes a bossy or rude photographer!  As we analyze, critique and try to improve systems and workflows this wedding season the more we realize how grateful we are to serve our current and future couples as a husband and wife team. Thank you for supporting our business and encouraging us through our current house transition. We appreciate you all!