TréCreative Travel Update : Nicaragua

We announced a few weeks ago about our upcoming travels and today is the big day! We are currently putting our feet up during our five hour layover in Houston. Resting for a bit before we leave the United States and head off to Nicaragua for almost two weeks! Last weekend we were down in Southern California for a wedding, and we've been so busy we barely had time to think of our upcoming trip until we started packing yesterday. We are being sent by a non profit organization called One Hope. This same organization sent Stephen to South Africa his senior year of college to pilot their Illuminate Ideas program (to see one of the three films he made over there, click the soccer ball here). This has always been a dream of ours, a dream to travel and share powerful stories of love all over the world whether it is with our amazing wedding couples or doing documentary work. For us, sharing stories and adventuring together is so much more than documenting lives, it's always been about loving people well and meeting them where there at. This trip was very last minute but every detail was worked out and has been orchestrated perfectly, and we just knew we had to say yes to it. We've had opportunities in the past year to go on similar trips but timing never workout out. We've had faith that sometime soon we would be able to do this together. And sure enough only within the last couple weeks was this trip confirmed as a go.

We should have internet access but it's hard to say how good or how much time we will be spending on our computer. We apologize for any emails we're taking longer to respond to, we'll get back to you all as soon as possible, promise! In the next several days we hope to give small little updates of our trip either via our Instagram (Chelsey, Stephen)  or here on the blog. We have several blog posts currently cued up but things will be much slower on the TréCreative Facebook page.

Thanks for following and we look forward to sharing more with you about our travels!


Some iPhone shots from our airport adventures, more to come! Some iPhone shots from our airport adventures, more to come!