A Love Filled Human Adventure - Travis&Karina's Jack London State Historic Park Wedding Film


We're just going to come out and say it. You're about to hear the best vows we've ever witnessed at a wedding ceremony, hands down. Travis&Karina's words to each other were so beautifully written, so perfectly phrased and personal, we knew the instant after their ceremony that these words would be the focal point of their wedding film. There was so much goodness flowing from these two it was hard to cut it down into a short and sharable length. After multiple revisions and reedits we crafted this story using the best of the best of the best snippets of their day.

Normally in our films we let the music guide the pacing and flow. For this piece we challenged ourselves to choose a more ambient song and let the voiceover and vows audio completely shape the story. It's almost as if you could close your eyes and just listen to the film and still understand these two and their hearts for one another.

We're so excited to release Travis&Karina's film to you all! If you missed the TréCreative photography from their Jack London State Historic Park wedding, make sure to check it out as well as their teaser which is set to the tune of their first dance song. OH and huge shout out to Elizabeth from Dreamers and Heroes who helped this dream of a wedding come true!

We love making each and every one of our films "tailor fit" to our couples. Travis&Karina share such an inspiring romantic love for one another yet also have such fun and playful side to their personalities. We loved incorporating some of their fun Instagram videos at the end of their wedding film to try to give people a small glimpse of some of the adventures these two are forever creating. While going through some Instagram videos, we noticed a trend... #daisylately

There were these reoccurring short clips of Daisy (Travis&Karina's dog) running and we just HAD to cut it into a little Lassie tribute. It didn't really "fit" into the final film, but as a extra bonus for being an awesome TréCreative blog reader, here it is :)