On The Road Again... TréCreative Travel Update

This life is about something beautiful. It’s about capturing that “something beautiful” and learning to treasure that “something beautiful.” That “something beautiful” will drive us into great adventures, and epic love stories, and better things than what we could have found and dug up all on our own. The downside of owning your own business is sometimes it takes up every free second you have (if you let it). Being married and full time employees of this company we started, we try to have a good balance of work and home life by setting up things like "office hours" and boundaries when it comes to talking about work. Some times it's SO hard to stick to these rules because we love what we do so much! Often we'll work late into the night just to get a project done because the feeling of finally delivering it to our clients and seeing the joy it brings them is totally worth it!

We knew we needed to take some time away to recharge and dream about this next year over the holidays so we planned a quick trip the day after Christmas up the road to the cute town of Chester, CA. We brought our medium format film camera along for the ride to capture some magical film of the adventures as we went along. We love shooting medium format film, the look is so dreamy and gorgeous and the resolution and depth it can achieve is incredible! Plus, it forces us as photographers to slow down and enjoy each shot, making sure it's perfect as can be before snapping away. P.S. If you love the look of film and would like to add some rolls of medium format film to your digital wedding package let us know!

See what Stephen shot with the drone over on Instagram

Blogging this as we drive up the grapevine on I5, we just got a hotspot this month so we can work while we travel. We're headed to a Southern California wedding and then after that we're heading to Nicaragua! More details on that exciting project coming soon!!!