Engagement Sessions - TréCreative Tips&Tricks


Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! What an exciting new season and adventure you are stepping into. With all the holiday proposals, that means 'tis the season for lots of TréCreative engagement sessions! We are often asked many questions regarding outfit choices, when to schedule these sessions and general nerves that are natural and occur when preparing for you session. So below we've listed some super helpful tips we have been sending to many of our couples who are preparing for their engagement photography session.

We truly believe having an engagement session is a vital part of the wedding experience and want all our couples to have one! The session allows you to see how Stephen and I work with posing and lighting and most importantly, get to know us better!! On your wedding day, taking photos will be the last thing your stressing over.


1. Don't be nervous!

Some of our couples express how leading up to their engagement photography session they tend to feel either nervous, giddy with excitement, or a mixture of both. This is totally expected and we know first hand that sometimes nerves can get the best of us. There's NO need to be nervous though! Our job as professional wedding photographers is to not only take amazing pictures of you two, it's to make you feel at ease and completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera. We've spent long hours learning how to work with couples in a way that is relaxing and super simple. We treat engagement shoots like a double date of sorts, just Stephen and I (and our cameras) plus you two! We'll make sure you feel comfy in front of the lens by doing fun things together that you enjoy, and the camera wont be pointed in your face the whole time, don't worry. By the time the wedding day rolls around, you'll feel like a professional model, working those angles like nobody's business.

To best prepare, there's not much you need to do for this step, there's not too much you need to do. As far as locations go, we'll collaborate with you over email to find a spot that fits you two perfectly. Make sure your ring is clean as we love to get those close up ring shots during the engagement session. If you'd like to have your hair/makeup/nails done feel free, totally up to you! You can use the engagement as a makeup or hair trial run for the wedding, or just an excuse to feel extra glam'd up :)


2. Plan ahead when it comes your engagement session.

We suggest scheduling your engagement session 3-6 months in advance because of how quickly our bookings come in. This will also eliminate stress knowing you have a date on the calendar and can forget about it until a few weeks before :D Most of our couples like to use the photos for Save the Dates and it is important to remember photos take time to edit and deliver so give yourself a little leeway (2-3 weeks) for when you want them sent out .


3. Please be on time!

Since we usually shoot close to sunset or sunrise, we only have so much lighting and if your late that can cut into how long the lighting is perfect for. We want to make sure you get the most photos possible out of your session so arrive a on time to ensure we can start right on time.


4. Outfit options!

Don't be afraid to be bold and accessorize your outfits. Sometimes, adding a chunky statement necklace or a scarf is all you need to take your outfit to the next level. Stephen and I have found that if I choose my outfits first, we then can find his clothes that accent well with what I'm wearing. This is just because I care more than Stephen does about outfit choices so he gives me full reign! Make sure you feel comfortable in the outfits you choose, and choose whatever outfits you'd like! Maybe have one more casual outfit and one more formal, just an idea! Don't worry about being perfectly matching, we suggest to choose outfits that are complimentary rather than a perfect match.