TréCrib House Photos 2016


We're so excited our downstairs is finally finished (for now)! If you own a home, you know it's always a work in progress, changing and shifting things as the years go on. But as of now, we're calling it DONE! We have been wanting to show some before and after shots for quite some time now and that time is finally here!

When we first moved in, the making the downstairs our own was our main priority. It's where we meet with couples and clients, have friends over, and hang out anytime we're not working! When we moved in the downstairs was a mix of carpet, tile, and a laminate wood flooring. As soon as we got the keys we had the whole space and cabinets repainted by Above the Cut and picked up some new engineered wood floors from Hughes Hardwoods that were then installed by our good friend Sam who did an amazing job!

From there we collected furniture over the year, our dining room table and front room couch from Pier 1, carpet and accessories from West Elm Target and World Market, coffee tables from Overstock, and our favorite couch in the back room from Esplanade Furniture (Chico, locals, if you need custom built couch, this is the best place in town to get one). One of our favorite pieces is the handbuilt Edison bulb chandelier in our front room. It was built from scratch by our friend Pierce, so amazing! We accented that wall with Stikwood, another local company from just down in Sacramento. Our back room has been our latest mission when it comes to redecorating. As you can see in the before pictures below, the fireplace had two awkward nooks on either side which were just begging for some built in cabinets. We called up Armstrong Cabinets and they were able to help us out. They turned out amazing and really filled out the room just perfect. With all these new shelves to fill, we knew we needed some professional styling help. Luckily, we had been getting to know a now good friend of ours, Shannon! She runs The Design Renegade, an interior design company here in Chico. This project was right up her alley and she helped us choose items that were meaningful to us, that also meshed well with the room and color palette.

We feel so blessed to live in this home. The story of how we found it was amazing and each day we're so thankful to be here! This home was a huge leap of faith for us being self-employed and we're so honored to share this space with you and so many of our lovely TréCreative couples, clients, family and friends!


More Details:

This giant mirror is to date the best Craigslist deal we've ever seen! We were on our way back from a wedding and spotted it in Sacramento! Not realizing how truly big it was, we went to check it out and quickly realized there was NO way it'd fit in our car. The man selling it offered to drive it up to chico for barely anything extra, we were SOLD! It is insanely heavy but really fills out the room with the tall ceiling.

We actually haven't read any of these books... the colors were just too perfect to pass up! Maybe someday we can replace them with favorite books that we've read (if they're the right color of course haha)!

These Kendama's are Stephen's favorite part of our shelfie! Although he mixes them up all the time because he's constantly buying more and playing with them! The Kendama is a Japanese skill toy, but more than that it represents striving to become better than we were yesterday, even in the smallest details. It's about never giving up, and always moving forward. These Kendamas inspire us to continually refine our craft, and stay focused on creativity and innovation.

One of our favorite pieces on our wall is this watercolor portrait of us done by Katie of Honeybrush Design, so cute!

My latest obsession is discovering new fun plants from The Plant Barn. I love the pops of color and greenery a houseplant can add to any space!

We saw this map painting and it totally reminded us of our Meet S&C section of our website! We thought it would fit perfectly in our place and inspire us to continue to explore the world through photograpahy and videography!

Thanks so much for taking a look at our home in progress! Next up on the to-do list? Upstairs or our backyard...hmm, not sure which one to tackle first! What do you think?


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