Letting the Adventure Lead Us - TréCreative Adventures

Let's be real. When it comes to a "day off", it's hard for me to not have an agenda. Lounging around the house is not my ideal of a "restful day"...but boy have my have the tables turned! Lately, we've found ourselves working long hours to get projects back to couples and clients in a timely manner. On the off chance we have a day off (usually Sunday) you can find us headed to church and afterwards sitting around our comfy couch at home. We might take a long afternoon nap, maybe work on a few house projects. You may catch us riding through Bidwell park on our bikes together or with friends. And don't forget always ending the evening with a good movie! Oftentimes however, our Sundays are spent traveling home from a wedding or an out of town project. I remember in the past thinking and telling myself that having no plan for our day off was really a waste of time. That somehow the day would be depressing or wasted. I'm sure most extroverts can relate with me and you amazing introverts are just sitting there shaking your head. It has been a struggle to wake up with no given plan for a day off. No agenda and no where to be. But now, in our busy season, I am realizing the beauty in still, undisturbed rest. In recent months, every second of our days has been filled and so go-go-GO that I've learned to embrace the unknown and just be okay with sitting in silence cozying up to my introverted husband if we have time to spare. This kind of rest is good for us! Instead of fighting to have the day all planned out, we simply let an adventure lead us, no matter how small or how simple it is. 

Here is a photo of a recent unplanned adventure with friends. It was exactly what my soul needed!


VideographyStephen Diaz