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Over the last year Stephen and I have been on a very specific journey. It all started back in January when we the realization of buying our first home could soon turn into a reality. It has been on both our hearts for a while now to use our home as an invitation for family and friends to visit and come over often. A place where community is built and love is shared. Neither of us wanted to buy a house without the intention of creating community inside those walls. After moving into our home in the end of May, our hearts soon had an even bigger desire to have deep authentic community. Whether this was to strengthen the relationships we had already formed but more specifically start a small community within our industry here in Chico. Being a small business owner is wonderful but also full of many challenges. Sometimes it's hard for others who aren't in our shoes to understand the discipline, the joy, and the challenges of being full time in a creative industry. The longer we've been in business, the more and more this deep desire became very apparent that we needed to do something about the lack of community, specifically in the creative industry here in Chico. We have seen the power of community shared on social media and follow many other creatives from around the country who have this kind of community near by. While we were wrestling through this in Chico, a movement was formed on the East Coast that we quickly were drawn to. This community is called The Rising Tide Society. We love what they're about and knew it was the perfect fit for us to start a Tuesdays Together group here in Chico. Rising Tide is all about community over competition. Pushing one another to be better and surrounding one another with encouragement and love, online and in person.

We are so much stronger being unified and creating an atmosphere where community is more important than competition! It's so easy to look at others in the industry as competitors, but when you turn that idea on it's head it's a game changer. We encourage you to check out The Rising Tide's blog, they are a great resource for small businesses! If you're not from Chico, check their site for a Tuesdays Together meeting near you!

This last week we were asked by founders of The Rising Tide to share a quick tip for small business owner's for their blog and social media channels. There are so many small little details about our business that we've had to grown in that we could share. We could literally talk about this for days!!! What we could have done better, our mistakes, and some of our biggest accomplishments all have shaped us to where we are today. It was hard to just pick one, but we did! This is something we are trying to implement more in our business and have specifically challenged ourselves to do more and more in the last year. I'll let our quick video blog post tell you more about it! If you have more questions regarding this topic please feel free to email or leave your questions in the comments! We are here to help!!