V.Sattui Winery Wedding Film - Travis&Kelsey - May 29th, 2014


If you're a regular reader of our blog or Facebook page, you have seen the tease for this film which was released just this morning. We're so excited to present Travis&Kelsey's full wedding film! These two had a truly stunning winery wedding at the highly acclaimed V.Sattui in Napa Valley, CA. If you're in the area, this winery is a must visit! V.Sattui is a extra special place for Travis&Kelsey, as it's where they have spent many dates together, and where they got engaged! The reception was held at a local restaurant where Travis also took Kelsey after the engagement. The day was a huge celebration of happy memories surrounded by friends and family. Being a wedding videographer, it's always a treat when we get to capture special moments between a bride and groom like the giving of gifts. Travis and Kelsey are both so thoughtful, and absolutely perfect for one another! We loved their original and well thought out vows, what a special way to commit their lives to one another!

All and all this day was authentic and marvelous, and it was a honor to be both their wedding videographers and photographers! Thank you Travis&Kelsey for trusting us with your precious memories!


p.s. If you missed Travis&Kelsey's V.Sattui wedding photography post, you can view it by clicking here.