Weekend Recap - Adventures to Apple Hill

I can't believe it is already November, where has time gone? As the holidays are fast approaching I try and sit down and reflect about all the many blessings Stephen and I have been given. I don't do this enough. Take time to sit and be quiet. I love being with people and being out and about around town. I sometimes forget how recharging just sitting and closing my eyes can be. 

Last Friday morning, right as we were about to head to our gym, the car wouldn't start (luckily it just needed a jump). So instead of doing our usually workout, Stephen thought of going on a little run. Now let me just explain, when he says "go on a run" he really means I run and he skateboards next to me. We had just left our house and all of a sudden I see Stephen flying through the air, like really flying through the air. He landed really hard on his elbow. Nothing seemed broken, the pain just wouldn't go away. We knew our fun trip to Apple Hill was the next day and we both really wanted to go together. Stephen barely slept and when he woke up the pain was even stronger. By then we knew something was wrong. Being the amazing husband Stephen is, he insisted I go be with friends and have fun at this much anticipated "weekend off" while he went to Prompt Care to get his arm checked out. 

Sure enough, the doctor confirmed he most likely fractured part of his elbow and is now wearing a sling with it all wrapped up. 

Things don't always go the way we had planned, but in those times its especially important to be grateful and joyful for what you've been given. 

We are thankful that is was his left arm not his right (he uses his right to shoot with), we are thankful it happened on a weekend that we didn't' have a wedding the next day and we are thankful for a recharging time with friends. 

So with the unplanned and little scary incident, we are thankful! Enjoy some of the photos I took with our amazing friends from Apple Hill!


These apples are so YUMMY! So far we have made apple sauce, fruit leather and dried a majority of the apples. Next up will be apple pie :D

Love these girls so much. They all live together and I consider myself another roommate at their house!

I could have sat on this bench for hours!! Apple Hill is so beautiful!

Saturday night we setup the TréBooth to North Rim CrossFit's annual Halloween party! It was a blast, broken arm and all! Stephen and I were thug pugs :D

p.s. If you haven't entered our TréBooth giveaway, you need to! It ends Friday!

We even shot an engagement session on Sunday with an amazing couple! We can't wait to share with you more from this one, so grateful for working arms and amazing couples!!