White Ranch Chico Wedding Videography - Petar&Hannah

This wedding film will give you all the good feels! The way Petar&Hannah interact with others is full of utmost kindness, caring and respect. There were many moments during getting ready where Petar’s mom would just hug Hannah, hang on and squeeze her tight. You could tell she really just loved Hannah and was so thankful these two had met. The same feelings went for Hannah’s mom towards Petar. These two are beautiful individuals, but when they met and fell in love something extraordinary happened. Their relationship is something special that impacts the people around them. Hearing story after story from bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members, you could see how many people had been touched by these two over the years.

What gets us extra excited about marriage is it represents the joining of two pasts to create one unified and strong future. Our weaknesses can be the other’s strengths and our strengths can help the other. We can lean on one another and grow together for a lifetime, learning more every day what it looks like to love well.

Petar&Hannah already love so well. Through their actions, through their words, and through the gifts they give one another and others. They are a powerful combination and together, we know they will accomplish big dreams and adventures.

There was so much goodness sprinkled all throughout their wedding day at White Ranch here in Chico. We felt lucky to get to know these two better, to be their photographers and videographers, and to be there for every moment to capture a glimpse into the amazing day it was.


Photographer: TréCreative (See the Photos Here)

Venue: White Ranch Events

Hotel - Hotel James

Planning : CES Weddings & Events

Florals : Cambray Rose Florist

Dress : Flares bridal+formal

Hair : Envee Hair Studio and Spa

Makeup : Powder Room Beauty Bar

DJ : The Wedding DJ Company

Grooms Cake : Mim's Bakery

Catering : Hobart Vogel 

Rentals : WeDo Designs

Cake : Upper Crust Bakery and Cafe

Tents : In Tents Events