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Welcome to the TréCreative blog! We are Stephen&Chelsey, the husband and wife team behind TréCreative Film&Photo. We love going on adventures together and finding new ways to love our TréCreative family. On our blog, you’ll get to meet our amazing couples, see some of our adventures unfold, and hear about wedding day tips&tricks! We’re so glad you’re here!

Grand Canyon Adventure – Diaz Family Vacation 2017

After almost two weeks out of the TréCreative office, we are back from our Grand Canyon Adventure.

Grand Canyon Adventures

For the last few years, Stephen’s family has made an effort to go on a yearly family vacation together. Last year we all went to Yosemite together and this year we decided to head to the Grand Canyon making lots of stops along the way. We started in Pomona, California to honor Stephen’s grandfather who passed away this year. After a couple days in Southern California, we headed off to Williams Arizona where we took a day trip down to the Grand Canyon. We stopped along the way at many famous Route 66 rest stops and had our laughs at the absurd art structures people created for tourists like us to enjoy.

For our trip to Grand Canyon we opted to take the train ride with The Grand Canyon Railway which we highly recommend! We were all able to relax in air conditioning while we were entertained with music and wild west characters throughout the ride. This is totally family friendly and really fun for everyone!

The Grand Canyon is simply spectacular. When you look out over the canyon, it almost looks fake or like you’re looking at a movie set, so unreal. After our trip, we headed back to our rented VRBO in the mountains where we rested and enjoyed our time together.

After the Grand Canyon, we drove to Las Vegas to finish up our road trip. That was the same week of my birthday and Stephen had a few surprises up his sleeve for me while were there. I had been planning to spend the last part of the week with one of my best friends from college but instead, she surprised me and flew out to Vegas for the first part of the week as well. I was so shocked and loved having extra time with her. On top of that, we had an amazing time meeting up with one of our past TréCreative couples, Billy&Tristin. They surprised me with the most delicious bundt cake and sang happy birthday, we just love that family! For entertainment that week, we went to see Penn&Teller, the Blue Man Group and walked all over the Las Vegas strip enjoying our time together!

Enjoy some of our highlight photos taken on our camera and the last section of photos on our iPhones. We truly rested during this trip and scheduled this vacation at just the right time. We’re so thankful for our time with family and the chance to turn off work for a while!

Packing for our trip to Grand Canyon in Arizona

Route 66 tourist stop as a husband and wife from Chico California

Route 66 road stop

Route 66 stop along the way to Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon Adventures

Route 66 road stop on the way to Grand Canyon

TréCreative goes and travels to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon scenic views in Arizona

Grand Canyon scenic views in Arizona

Grand Canyon Arizona

beautiful scenic views in Grand Canyon taken by a wedding photographer from Northern California

beautiful walking trails in the Grand Canyon in Arizona

husband and wife take a photo together in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon Scenic views in Arizona

videographer takes a photo a video with his Red Cinema in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon views in Arizona

traveling photographer travels to Arizona to see Grand Canyon for the first time

American flag in Grand Canyon Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Bearizona in Arizona wildlife place

fake tattoos at a wildlife park in Arizona

cacti from Arizona

Cabin in the wood with near Grand Canyon Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Because we were resting during this trip we only brought the cameras along for certain parts. The rest we snapped with our iPhones 😀

Photos taken on an Iphone of a JetBlue Plane

family in Las Vegas taking a vacation

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona

Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona


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