What is Chico Tuesday's Together? - The Rising Tide Society


Stephen and I are coming up on our two-year anniversary of being a part of the Rising Tide Society and the chapter leaders of Tuesdays Together here in Chico, California.

The more we post and share about this amazing group, the more we have connected with others who have never heard of it which makes us excited! It excites us for a number of reasons. The Rising Tide Society has created an amazing space and platform for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds to connect and receive free educational content and support in the spirit of community over competition.

The more we meet, the more specific questions we get regarding Tuesday's Together and how it plays a role here in Chico. If we receive a question more than three times, we always try and blog it or take note for a future blog post. It seemed about time to answer your questions about RTS and Tuesdays Together, so here it is, the most common questions we get about this movement.

  1. First off, what exactly is the Rising Tide Society and Tuesday's Together?   The Rising Tide Society is a movement started by some friends in a coffee shop. It quickly grew and spread across the United States and now across the world. What started as a small monthly meetup in one city has spread now to over 400 cities across the world. This movement is dedicated to the people it serves. RTS focuses on building community among creative entrepreneurs and business owners locally while transforming the creative industry with kindness. The whole premise of the monthly meetups called Tuesdays Together is to build community and give back. The Rising Tide Society is the larger umbrella of the movement while Tuesday's Together is the monthly manifestation of that movement. The RTS website offers free education for creative entrepreneurs and at each Tuesday's Together, local chapters meet monthly to discuss a different topic to help grow everyone's businesses. These topics can range from SEO to marketing or even taxes!
  2. How is this different than any old networking meet-up? Tuesday's Together is not another networking group. We've been there done that and the hopes are that Tuesday's Together will be quite the opposite. With networking groups and meetups, often the only goal is to network and therefore gain business for you. A lot of times these networking groups have fees to be involved and only allow one person in from each business category.With Tuesdays Together, everything is always free. We encourage members to leave the business cards at home, and just come as you are. To focus on building relationships and community first, then businesses second. There is no limit to how many of each business category can join the group, in fact we encourage others with the same category business to attend because that's how we can all truly learn and grow from one another's experiences. In an industry where people are afraid to share their "secrets", Tuesday's Together is a place to let your guard down and not live in a scarcity mentality. In our opinion, there is always enough work to go around and there is no need to obsess over the competition. On the second Tuesday of every month, people meet from all over the United States and beyond for Tuesday's Together. The format varies, but typically there is a meet and mingling time to get to know other creatives in your area. Then some kind of ice breaker which transitions into a discussion around the monthly topic. Every month we also provide a downloadable PDF available for those in the group that shares insight from leading industry experts.
  3. What's in it for me? We get it, this idea of community over competition is so foreign to some people, almost backward thinking. But trust us, letting go of a competitive mindset and surrounding yourself with a positive community can be one of the most rewarding things in life! And while you're focusing on building those deep and meaningful relationships, we promise your business will benefit. Not only will Rising Tide Society connect you with like-minded creatives locally, it enables you to travel anywhere and find community. With the recent launch of the new Creative Community website, it is easy to find and collaborate with other creatives from across the world.
  4. How Do I Get Involved? If you're from Chico, join our local Facebook group here. If you're not from Chico, to find out where the nearest meeting is near you, visit the Rising Tide Society website and search for your location. On each local Tuesday's Together Facebook group or Instagram we'll post info about the latest meet-up. Come as you are, leave the business cards at home and find a place to truly connect as humans, creatives, and business owners.

Hope this helps! We'd love to see you at our next Tuesday's Together meeting here in Chico happening next week July 11th! The topic this month is a great one too, Networking and Relationships. If you have any additional questions, we'd love to answer them. Feel free to reach out at stephen@trecreative.com anytime!

Top Photo Taken by Natalie Franke