Adam&Nicole - Mini Luxury Wedding Film - Elk Creek Ranch Wedding 4.12.14


You've seen Adam&Nicole's romantic river engagement, you've seen their stunning and creative ranch wedding, and you may have even seen their short wedding film teaser...but you haven't seen this yet, promise!

Adam&Nicole opted to go with our newest addition to our videography packages, a "mini" version of our 5-7min Luxury films. It's a short and sweet recap of the day in 2-3min, which sounds so quick...but it's amazing how much you can pack into such a short and sharable timeframe! The film below runs a bit longer than that because of the extra goodies bookending the piece at beginning and end, and trust us, you don't want to miss the hilarious ending!

Their wedding day was like a dream. With stunning hand-crafted decorations, wide open fields and rolling hills that surrounded the family's Elk Creek ranch. Adam&Nicole share a love that is tried and true, a deep connection and friendship that is inspiring to us all. These two love well and are loved well by many, including us! Thank you friends for choosing TréCreative for your wedding day photography and videography!

Enjoy their short and sweet, cinematic highlight of their wedding day below and let them know what you think in the comments here or on Facebook!