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We feel abundantly blessed with all the amazing couples we work with every weekend and the new couples we've met recently for their weddings next year. The TréCreative office has been a bit crazy as of late! We have been buckling down to get everything back to our couples in a timely manner. With that being said, this Tips&Tricks will be a bit shorter than the previous ones. In the future we will most likely revisit this discussion on family formals when we have a bit more time on our hands! Thanks for understanding :D

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All parts of the wedding day are so important to capture. From the getting ready, to bride and groom portraits, to the fine details and ceremony. Among those important photos, a photographer should always capture formal family portraits. Family formals can sometimes be the some of the most important wedding photos throughout the day, the ones that are printed and hung on the wall, or placed in a picture frame in the living room. These family photos are also often used on the next season's Christmas cards or to send to relatives who couldn't make the wedding. Family portraits are classic and timeless in style, with everyone looking at the camera smiling together. As photographers we realize these precious moments of family gathering together can be few and far between and we take it very serious to make sure to get every family combination that our couples desire. Needless to say these photos have so much value and we are often asked several questions about what to expect when it comes to Family portraits.

We encourage our couple's to check with BOTH sets of parents after reviewing our typical family photos list we give them after doing our wedding day schedule planning meeting. We want to make sure we cover every combination of family the couple and their parents may (or may not) want! Of course, on the wedding day we will take any and all photos our couples or their parents ask us to, but having a specific list written out or emailed to us prior can really help!

Some photographers may do scheduling different, but for us we like to do all family photos right after the ceremony. We do this because grandparents and extended family are all already there and we can have the officiant or DJ announce for family to stay put while the rest of the guests head to the reception or cocktail hour. Also with elderly family members, this ensures they don't have to travel far or be there longer than they need to be. We know guests are waiting, so we like to keep family photos to 30 minutes or less. It has never taken us more than 30 minutes but we like to schedule a this extra time just in case.

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Happy Thursday friends!

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