A Double Engagement & Wedding - Billy Park Paradise Engagement Photographer - Derrick&Heidi + Ted&Megan

Derrick&Heidi and Ted&Megan have been best friends for quite some time. They have gone on lots of double dates and because of their great friendship have decided to get married at the same place, at the same time, and on the same day! Yep, you read that right, a DOUBLE wedding! To be honest, when we first heard of this, we were a little skeptical, two couples sharing one day? But after meeting these four, hearing their stories and seeing them together it totally makes sense! Plus, they'll have Jodi from CES Weddings & Events helping coordinate to ensure everything runs smooth as ever! On top of that, Derrick and Megan are siblings, and both couples grew up together. If they had separate weddings, they'd have basically all the same guests and family there, why not combine for double the fun! For their double engagement session, we headed up the hill into Paradise and went to a gorgeously fall-colored local park. Derrick&Heidi started the session off and we ended with Ted&Megan after them. Not to mention, we got some awesome photos of the four of them together which was so fun!