Chico California Video Production - Father Michael by TréCreative Film&Photo

At TréCreative we believe in the WHY. Everyone has a "why" sometimes it just takes a few questions to get down to the heart of things. When you ask someone why they do what they do, conversations quickly go below surface level, and there is where you'll find a great film.

Starting this past Sunday, Neighborhood Church of Chico is bringing in other local leaders in Chico to speak once a month. With this film NCChico wanted us to communicate three things: historical background on the particular denomination, the work of the church (what they do locally to help the community), and a little background on the leader. The film would play as an intro to the speaker coming on stage.

All that sounded great, but it was missing something. We took it upon ourselves to add one question to that list of things to ask the priest... simply put, we asked "WHY?"

If we communicated all the above requirements without asking "why", it would have made for a boring film. Yet, starting the film and ending with the WHY aspect is what makes it a powerfully and well-crafted piece. Father Michael did wonderful, and was so fun to work with. You wouldn't guess from the film, but he's a hilarious guy, we heard he had people laughing the whole time on Sunday.

We love telling the stories of individualscouplesbusiness and even priests through our videography! Be on the lookout for future TréCreative films in this series once a month starting up again in April.


We were out of town so Daniel Blackman snapped this photo for us of it playing on the big screen :)