Chico Family Lifestyle Film Photographer – Nooney Family


We are so excited to share with you this in-home lifestyle photography session shot entirely on our medium format film camera. This was the second time we’ve photographed the Nooney family and they are just adorable! It was our first time meeting little Lizzie since she had been born and so fun for us to see how tall big sis Reese had gotten since we last saw her over a year ago!


Over the last few months, I’ve fallen in love with using film as a new medium for photography. I know this can be confusing for some because we often use the term “film” to describe our videos here at TréCreative. When I’m talking about film photography what I mean is photos shot on an old-fashioned medium format film camera. When I was growing up, my mother did an amazing job documenting my childhood on her 35mm film camera and took photos of our family with each new milestone. When we have a family, this is the way I want our family to be documented as well. Medium format film is shot on 120mm film which is like 35mm but able to produce a shallower image at a higher resolution. Shooting on film has a way of forcing me to slow down and think more intentionally about each photo I’m taking which I have loved.

Being primarily a wedding photographer for the last 5 years, we’ve always expressed to our couples how much we want the photos we take of them to last as a legacy of love that is passed down from generations to come. After spending a lot of time thinking about legacy, I’ve realized that this legacy doesn’t just start and end once a couple gets married, but rather that’s only the beginning. This legacy continues into their families and documenting those seasons as well!

The Nooney family home is beautiful! It has lots of great natural light and neutral colors which are so helpful when shooting on film since it can be so “light hungry”. Lifestyle photography has a unique approach to creating candid moments between those in front of the camera. For the Nooney family, we had them do activities together that they would normally do around their home. Lizzie and Reese picked out their favorite family book to read together, brought out their chalkboard and we ended the session jumping on mom and dad’s bed, so fun!

Anyone who is a parent knows, kids at this sweet age tend to be very busy and love moving around. On film specifically, this sometimes translates into pictures having a little more motion blur. We love film because of this as well, it can really capture and convey how the moment really was at that time the shutter is pressed.

To the Nooney family, thank you for inviting us into your beautiful Chico home and letting us capture your sweet family. We hope these photos will serve as memories of what life was like when these two were little and so full of energy and joy!

Enjoy some of our favorites from this in-home family lifestyle session below!



Shot with a Pentax 645N with Portra 800 developed by The Find Lab.