Memorable Monday – Happy February


Where did January go?!? It was as if we blinked and the whole month was over and now we’re into February. We’re all about celebrating the small accomplishments and also the big ones. January was a big month for Stephen and me not only for #trecreative but also in our personal lives. We celebrated ten years of dating, TEN years. I can’t believe I’m saying that! That makes me feel old, nostalgic and very grateful all at the same time.


Over the years together, we’ve celebrated a lot of wins but also walked through a lot of loses. No matter what, in every season, I’m grateful to have always had people in our lives gathering around a table with us cheering us on! To all you friends in the beginning, you da’ best!

Our Week

  • Halfway throughout workweek, I had a close friend ask us how things were going and how our week had been so far. I looked at her with a blank expression because at that point the days seemed like they were all merging together! It was one of those weeks. In between photo shoots, commercial shoots, and both of us diving deep into our own personal and work projects it was all a blur! Since these projects have been ongoing for a while now, it’s hard to remember what happened each day last week. Do you ever have that kind of a week?
  • We have another ongoing video commercial client we’ve been working with over the last year. Last week was one of the last two shoot days we have with them before Stephen starts editing their year-long project. The company is called COE and they make shakers for almonds, walnuts, peaches, you name it, they can shake it. The make the shakers in their production facility about 40 minutes outside of Chico and then ship them all over the world. In the film we have some drone footage from as far away as Argentina, it’s so cool to see! I tagged along to help Stephen with the last few video shots he needed and took commercial photos for the company as well.
  • Stephen’s Six Figure Side Hustle Course is launching this FRIDAY!!!!! I’m so excited and proud of him all at the same time. He’s poured hours and hours of time and energy into this course in his spare time to make it the best thing possible for people. Like mentioned last week, after becoming an expert on this subject, he can’t help but share with others in hopes to help others experience more financial freedom through building passive income businesses. If you’re interested in exploring this topic more, follow him on Instagram or register for the training here!
  • We had another in-home lifestyle newborn session all shot on medium format film this past weekend! Over the last few months, I’ve fallen in love with using film as a new medium for photography. I know this can be confusing for some because we often use the term “film” to describe our videos here at TréCreative. When I’m talking about film photography what I mean is photos shot on an old-fashioned film camera.When I was growing up, my mother did an amazing job documenting my childhood on her 35mm film camera and took photos of our family with each new milestone. When we have a family, this is the way I want our family to be documented as well. Medium format film is shot on 120mm film which is like 35mm but able to produce a shallower image at a higher resolution. Film has a way of forcing me to think more intentionally about each photo I’m taking. Being primarily a wedding photographer for the last 5 years, we’ve always expressed to our couples how much we want the photos we take of them to last as a legacy of love that is passed down from generations to come. After spending a lot of time thinking about legacy, I’ve realized that this legacy doesn’t just start and end once a couple gets married, but rather that’s only the beginning. This legacy continues into their families and documenting those seasons as well! We haven’t put much information about these medium format lifestyle family sessions online yet, so if you want to hear more in the meantime, just email me directly: 
  • The weather this weekend has been AMAZING! Over the weekend we spent the majority of our time outside in Bidwell Park Enjoying the weather together. I’m not ready to commit to the warm weather yet and still enjoying our Northern California winter, but man did the extra sunshine feel great this weekend!