Chico Family Lifestyle Photographer - Baby Calvin


This might be one of the most precious blog posts we've ever written! Sweet, perfect, little baby Calvin is here and before we left for Panama he made his debut!

If you're long term followers of TréCreative, you'll remember these two from their wedding back in 2013! More recently, you might remember these two when we did Cody&Brittany's maternity photos a few months back, way before we knew what little Calvin's name would be. These two are dear friends of ours and it's so neat to watch these two become parents. Little Trooper, the fluffy one is the photos is our favorite puppy in the whole wide world! He's now a big brother and is still learning the ropes of having someone else in the house getting all the attention. He's adjusting as good as any puppy can :D

Baby Calvin's nursery is decorated in neutral gray and white colors and it's just adorable. Next to his crib is a life size giant giraffe to go with the rest of the little animals Brittany found during her pregnancy. She has such great style and little Calvin will too!

Cody&Brittany, your little boy is adorable! Watching you become parents has been an incredible process to watch! We are lucky to call you two friends and are excited to see how your family is blessed because of this new addition to your family!