Chico Senior Portraits Photographer - Madi


This senior portrait session seems a little surreal to me. You see, I used to babysit Madi when she was in elementary school. Stephen and I were first dating and I had just bought my first camera. Madi was my first real model when I was starting out in my photography venture. I remember going on a walk together after picking her up from school. We went to our typical spot and I took photos of her just for fun. I remember printing those photos and being so proud of the composition and lighting I had achieved at the time. 

It's both surreal to see where our business has grown in those last many years but also surreal that Madi is graduating from high school. That makes me reminisce a little and feel old all at the same time. 

Madi is graduating from Pleasant Valley in a few months and I'm so proud of her. She was always so pretty but it has been so fun to watch her grow into such a beautiful women. She is mature beyond her years and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

Enjoy some of my favorites from her Chico portrait session!