Memorable Monday - A Birthday Week!


Happy Monday friends! Another week has come and gone and we have much to celebrate. It's Stephens' birthday week! If you happen to see him around or catch yourself watching an Instagram story, I encourage you to reach out! His top Love Language is word's of affirmation so sending him a positive message would really mean something!


Our Week

  • We hosted our Tuesday's Together friends again for an amazing Tide Talk given by our friend Shannon from The Design Renegade. Tide Talks are in addition to our monthly meet-ups and allow other members of our creative community to share on topics they are passionate about. Shannon was talking all about the importance of office space design. Productivity and comfort are heavily influenced by your office space design. There is a whole color science and desk placement theory that I had no idea about! Maybe that's why I don't like working in our upstairs office that much? We're hoping to be fixing that soon and implementing what we learned in her talk soon.
  • Stephen has been mentoring and coaching people interested in building more about passive income streams and online courses. This has been so rewarding to see his students progress!
  • I had a couple in home lifestyle sessions this week. Sending off my film scans is one of the best feelings ever, getting it them back and seeing the finished product is even better! 
  • Both Stephen and I are currently reading a book by Chris Valloton called Poverty, Riches and Wealth. It has been blowing our minds! Chris is an amazing thought leader from Redding California and has such wisdom about finances and stewardship.
  • It is definitely Spring time here in California. Everything is currently in bloom which is beautiful to walk in the Park! It's great for our Spring weddings we have coming up as well!