Grover Ranch Wedding Videography - Trevor&Bailey's Wedding Film by TréCreative


Trevor&Bailey's story starts off in high school. Like many high school relationships, they had their ups and downs, but these two stuck with it and their love eventually reunited them once and for all. We love high school sweethearts like these two because that's what we are as well! It's crazy sometimes how much people change during the years after high school and for a couple to go through that together truly can make them stronger. That is the case with Trevor&Bailey. When they got back together, their relationship was even better. Everyone who knows them knows that they are best when they're together, that they are meant to be! We loved getting to know these two throughout the wedding process. From capturing their engagement and wedding through photography, and now releasing their wedding film for them to rewatch for years to come, we have enjoyed it all! Trevor&Bailey are truly the nicest people and they're so enjoyable to be around. Take a few minutes out of your day to sit back, full screen the film below (and make sure it's set to the highest quality setting) and enjoy reliving Trevor&Bailey's Gover Ranch wedding day below :)