Chico Wedding Videographer - Kyle&Deserae - Gale Vineyards Wedding Film


Like each couple, each wedding film has a different flavor. Over the engagement process, we attempt to truly get to know the essence of a couple, observing their personalities and unique love story along the way. Our goal with this is not to become professional stalkers, it's to help us make a film that truly "fits" each couple. For Kyle&Des, this meant making a film that was as fun and energetic as their relationship. These two are adventurers, they love to laugh, love to dance, and love to have a good time with their friends and family! You can see this thread of pure fun running throughout their whole wedding film. With the bright assorted bridesmaids dress colors, and the handmade personalized decorations, these two really knocked it out of the park for their special day. If you missed the photography blog post of these two you can check it out here:

Click the thumbnail below to relive the Kyle&Des wedding day love story!